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School Sports Day

Sports Day 2022-2023

The 27th Annual Sports Meet of Bharathi Vidyalaya was celebrated on 8th October 2022. Mr.M.Manivannan, Inspector of Police, Semmancheri Range was the chief guest. Sri S.Mahalingam, former president TCS, our Director Mrs.K.Alamelu and our Principal, Mr.G.Pugazendhi were the people who graced the dais.


The first part of the programme was a March Past by students of classes IX to XII. The school people leaders, the Team Captains and Vice Captains holding their flags exhibited an orderly, disciplined march. It was followed by” Oath taking”. The Chief guest, Mr.M.Manivannan and Sri S.Mahalingam took the salute. Then the school flag was hoisted by Mr.M.Manivannan. He lit the Olympic torch and declared the Sports Meet Open.


The students of classes VII and VIII displayed a mass drill. Then the students of class VI performed yoga. The senior girls performed a dance for the song, “Aadathu Asangathu Vaa Kanna”. This was followed by Silambam display. Then the senior boys came with their grand Pyramid show. The Pyramid was followed by 4 x 10 m relay and Math relay.


During the Business Meet, our Chairman Sri.S.Mahalingam praised the students and teachers for their efforts to make the Sports Day, a great event. The Chief guest Mr.M.Manivannan appreciated the students for their interest and participation in sports and encouraged them to join in more competitions outside the school and get success. He expressed his happiness about the school, giving equal importance to sports.


Then came the prize distribution. The Chief guest Mr.M.Manivannan, Inspector of Police, Semmancheri Range and our Chairman Sri.S.Mahalingam distributed the prizes to the winners of varies events. “Sri Ganapathy Rolling Trophy” was given to Yamuna house for their highest score. Then the Physical Education teachers were awarded. A.T.Oviya of class X proposed the Vote of Thanks. The programme ended with National Anthem.

Sports Day 2022-2023
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