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Club Activities

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Apart from the various events conducted, the school also encourages students work as a team through various clubs which nurture a specific knowledge area for the kids to appreciate and excel in that area.

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Clubs & Activities

Math Club

Maths Club was inaugurated by Prof. P.V Subramanyam, Head of Mathematics Dept. IIT, Chennai on 24th July 2009.With a view to identify and nurture talent in mathematics and problem solving ability, the Maths Club develops students in higher order thinking skills. Our students compete in tests conducted by AMTI, Centre for Excellence and have won several prizes.

Wellness Club

Wellness Club was inaugurated by Dr. Sandeep Murali on 24th October, 2008. With a view to promoting school health, the Wellness Club has weekly health lectures on topics related to “Health and Hygiene”

Club Activities: Header

Science Club

Projects and Activities make the Science Club vibrant. Students participate every year in the CBSE conducted Science Exhibition and showcase working models on the given topic.

Literary Club

With a view to inculcate good reading habits and develop communication skills of students the literary club holds elocution extempore speech competitions. Regular reading sessions by experts help students to improve pronunciation and vocabulary.

Quizzing Club

Quizzing Club was inaugurated by Mr. Karthik Narayan in 2012-13. Our students have participated and won prizes too at the Heritage Quiz, Britannia Conquest. Every week, a topic is selected and questions and answers are given to the students.

Debate Club

Debates in the classroom on current issues helps students to think of the pros and cons of every issue. Students develop public speaking skills.

Interact Club

The Interact Club was inaugurated by Rtn. Mukund Vedapudi on 12th November 2014. With a view to develop leadership skills in students, the Interact Club encourages members to participate in Camps to create social awareness. Members hold regular meetings to discuss relevant social issues.

Music Club

Vision of the Club is to provide the holistic growth of students both in terms of academics as well as personality. The vision is achieved through providing the knowledge of Indian Classical Music enabling them on the performing arts, educating them on the philosophies behind the arts and providing them platform to reflect their own experience of going through the musical journey.

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