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Bharathi Expo

27th “Bharathi Expo” 2022-2023

Bharathi Vidyalaya celebrated the 27th “Bharathi Expo” on 31st January 2023 at the school premises. The theme taken for this year was IIE [Ideation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship].

This is an initiative as per NEP policy, under IIE scheme. This year the school ‘Ideated’ the students ‘knowledge and prepared them to ‘Innovate’ for the upcoming academic years. It made them ‘Entrepreneurs’ for the future.

The Students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX took enthusiastic participation in explaining the IIE project in their hands. Parents were happy to hear their explanation. However the theme given for the Primary students was ‘Environment’. Students did a lot of models, charts, craft works on ‘Environment’. They drew pictures related to the topic. They sang songs on the usefulness of trees and performed skits on how to preserve environment.

For the students of classes X, XI and XII lectures were arranged on the topics ‘Cyber Security’ and Artificial Intelligence. Sri. Arjun Shankar Krishnan, Chief, Corporate Management Services, NIIT Ltd, gave detailed information about Cyber Security to class X Students. Mr. Suresh Gurunathan, Vice President, Meritus AI Learning Experiences Pvt Ltd and his team shared their knowledge on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to classes XI and XII.

Through the lectures the students gained knowledge on Cyber Security, and its role on country’s defense sector. They learned about hacking and its dangerous consequences. They understood the role of Robots in our day to-day life and the use of AI in various fields like medicine, astronomy, banking etc., 

On the whole the expo was a true learning experience to the students. It provided them an opportunity to explore further on their understanding of various concepts and showcase their talents. It also gave a glimpse of the holistic education provided by the school.

27th Bharathi Expo, a few glimpses
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