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Global Programmes

Bharathi Vidyalaya gets involved in Partnership Programmes. The partner schools agree to work on the Joint Curricular Project general topics such as Rivers. The Joint Curricular Project also proposes to explore global issues such as Diversity, Critical Thinking, Resolving conflict, Interdependence, Commitment to sustainable development, Human rights and Global citizenship.

One such global partnership programme, was brought together by TCS and British Council, between Bharathi Vidyalaya and Skywood School, St. Albans.

Visit to Skywood School, St. Albans

Our global partnership, which has been sponsored by the British Council and Tata Consultancy Services, has enabled teachers from both schools to make reciprocal visits.  Mr. Bridle and Mrs. Tracey visited Bharathi Vidyalaya in July 2012.

Our reciprocal visit to Skyswood School was scheduled between 19th November and 23rd November 2012.  Lakshmi and I left for London on 18th November 2012 by British Airways.  We reached London at around 9.00 A.M. on the 18th.  Bob and Tracey were present at the airport to receive us.  We went straight to our guest house at Park, St. Albans.


Visit by Skywood School, St. Albans

July 2012 has been a memorable month for staff and students of Bharathi Vidyalaya. Mr. Robert Bridle, Head teacher of Skyswood Primary School, St. Albans, UK, and the Deputy Head teacher, Mrs. Tracey Lockwood arrived on July 9th 2012 for a week long stay in Chennai, as part of the GSP Programme. They were given a very warm welcome. A traditional welcome dance with lamps was performed by our students. The week was packed with activities.


A report on the joint curricular project performed the students

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