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The Campus

Bharathi Vidyalaya was formally inaugurated on the 6th June 1995 by the Mahasannidhanam of Sringeri Peetam, Sri Bharathi Thirtha Mahaswamigal who blessed the school at its very inception.  Starting with Primary classes and Class VI, the school grew with one new higher class every year.  The permanent building of the school in its own campus on Medavakkam High Road was ready for occupation even from its very inception.  The spacious campus is presided over by a temple dedicated to the Trinity, Lord Ganesha, the Auspicious beginner, the Goddess Sri Sarada Devi of Sringeri and Lord Anjaneya. Neem trees and flowering shrubs line the borders of the campus.  The P.S Ganapathi Block came up in the year 2000, adjacent to the original buildings of Sringeri Saradambal Block.  It has spacious class rooms, well equipped laboratories and a well furnished library.

The year 2005-07 saw the installation of an English language laboratory to help the students enhance their communication skills.

The postern of the P.S Ganapathi Block doubles up as the stage of an Open Air Theatre for school functions.  A new block of classrooms for the kindergarten, the Maths laboratory and the Biology laboratory was constructed in the year 2003.  An indoor auditorium for inter school functions, Bharathi Hall, crowns Saradambal Block.

A long awaited three storeyed new block with 30 more classrooms in the Gokulam annexe of Bharathi Vidyalaya was ready to accommodate the Kindergarten and primary classes at the end of 2009.  Special care was taken to provide activity rooms and class room libraries for the different classes.

The new building has also a Science Park with laboratories for all the science subjects.  Gokulam is also the venue for Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Cricket Net Practice and Athletic and Track and Field events.

Drinking water is in plentiful supply and the children are provided with Aqua Guard treated drinking water.  They are provided with spacious dining areas also.  We have a fleet of 7 buses for the transport of our young scholars.

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