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TATA Interactive System- Class Edge Programme


Class Edge Technology, an educational system promoted by TATA Interactive System, has been adopted to create an active Learning Environment through innovative class room activities. All our students from Class III to Class X benefit by Class Edge. The programme was inaugurated on 6th October 2011, on the Vijayadasami Day. Each Classroom is equipped with an Interactive Board. The Programme helps the students to understand abstract concepts better through the interactive learning content, animations, pictures and multimedia demonstrations provided by TIS manner. The content is matched to CBSE Curriculum and is used for teaching of Science, Mathematics and Social Science. It also aims to enhance students’ social and thinking skills along with ensuring a thorough understanding of the curriculum content.

A digital learning experience centre which is equipped with Plasma TV, Apple I pad Air, and an Apple TV to narrate stories to children from KG to Class II, to enhance their communicative skills as also improve their Spoken English. Children really love this experience and learn joyfully.

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