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School Events

Academics: Section Title

Bharathi Vidyalaya conducts many programmes for the students to gain knowledge in various fields of activities. The school conducts Summer Camp, Health Check up, Cultural programmes, etc for the students to meet the challenges of the future with confidence. Also, the School conducts Special Coaching for the students in sports and allied activities.

School Events & Activities: Title

Key events hosted by the school

School Events & ACtivities: Events

Annual Day

The Annual day, usually held in the month of July, is a day of celebration. It records the achievements of the students in the previous year and show cases their talents. The Chief Guest provides the students with a role model and inspires them to greater effort and laudable ideals. The students are also awarded medals and prizes and certificates in recognition of their hard work they have put in. See More...

Sports Day

The Annual Sports meet is conducted every year in the school premises. The meet always begins with a colourful March past by the four houses of the school Ganga, Thunga, Krishna, Yamuna. Events like Mass Drill, Pyramids, Math Relay etc are organized during the course of the day. The prizes are distributed to the winners of various sports events by the Chief Guest. The P.S.Ganapathi Rolling Trophy is awarded to that house which scores the maximum number of points.

Cultural Fiesta

The Cultural Fiesta is conducted every year to bring the students of different schools together and encourage a healthy competition among them.The Annual Inter School Cultural Fiesta organized by the school in the month of July is usually held at the J.R.D. Tata Auditorium. Students from leading schools in the city and its suburbs show great enthusiasm in participating in events like Poseidon, Quiz, Sapthaswara, Science Fiction writing, Drawing, Painting etc, and win prizes.

Bharathi Science Expo

Bharathi Science Expo, the annual exciting feature of the school, is held in the school premises. The expo gives ample opportunity to our budding scientists. Students from I to XII explain their projects with great enthusiasm. Even primary section students are encouraged to participate in this Expo. The Expo brings about scientific awareness among students.

Bharathi Cultural Wing

The Cultural Wing of the school is meant to make the students aware of and appreciate their rich cultural heritage, tradition and Art. By inviting leading musicians and performing artists, the Wing hosts various traditional and cultural functions throughout the year to educate and edify the students.

K.G. Convocation Day

A regular Convocation is conducted with the prescribed academic gowns and head dress to celebrate the success of the children of the U.K.G class who has now graduated into the mainstream of learning.

Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s day is celebrated as a mark of respect to our former President of India Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who was an eminent educationalist and a great teacher. As his birthday falls on the 5th September, every year Teacher’s day is observed on 5th September. The message that the students should learn to love and respect their teachers’ everyday of the year” is emphasized on this day.

Vigilance Awareness Week

Our School students of classes IX to XII observe the “Vigilance Awareness Week” in the month of November. This Vigilance Awareness Week is mainly to teach the basic values of life like respecting others and their rights, being aware of one’s duties and appreciating the school system. Eminent speakers deliver motivational speeches during the week stressing the importance of inculcating good habits for self improvement.

Primary Day

At Bharathi Vidyalaya, the kindergarten and primary children celebrate this day by inviting their parents for the day’s celebrations. The tiny tots entertain the audience by performing action songs, reciting slokhas and dancing. In addition, each class organizes an entertainment program in which serves as a platform for the students to display their entertaining skills.

National Integration Week

The importance of National Integration and unity in diversity is highlighted through out this week through skits, speeches and songs. The main message conveyed to the students through this event is that “there are multifarious religions and cultures in India and we have to stand united as the spirit of tolerance and sense of brotherhood binds all together.”

Inter-House Cultural

To showcase the known talents of the students and to discover the latest talents in them the Inter House Culturals are conducted every year in the month of November. Various competitions are conducted for the students of classes VI to X by the senior students. The judges for all events are the senior students themselves who not only motivate their juniors but also preside over the awarding of certificates to their junior counterparts.

Math Day

Math Day is conducted to identify and nurture talent in problem solving ability. A talent test on non routine problems is organized individually for all classes and prizes are awarded to the talented ones.

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