Events 2022-2023


                          June 12, 2022

        Teacher Development workshops are a continuous focus area at Bharathi Vidyalaya. Teachers regularly gain external and new perspectives on various aspects of teaching and learning. On 9 July 2022, a faculty development workshop focused on "Learning Confirmation and Action Classrooms" was conducted by Arjun Shankar, a senior education and training professional, and former Executive Vice President, NIIT group. 
       The session focused on pedagogy, learning objectives, instruction design, classroom management strategies, fostering action classrooms, and several methods to achieve and measure learning confirmation. The teachers participated actively and worked out plans for enhancing student learning and involvement.


                          June 17, 2022

                     We would like to thank the TCS Ignite Team for demonstrating Virtual Reality to the students of class XII through virtual chemistry lab. The experiential learning was enriching and we could bring the chemistry lab into the room without students having to go to the physical lab. We look forward to bring in more experiences to the students in the future.

                     We present here some of the photographs of the event: 



                          June 11, 2022

           World Environment Day takes place annually on 5th June. To fight the increasing impact of global warming and reduce the severe impact on the ever-changing environment and to keep it under check, many awareness camps are set up on 5th June every year across the globe to reiterate the seriousness of how we all should do our bit to protect the environment.

           World Environment Day was set up in 1974, by the United Nations and thereafter every year and a new country hosts it every year. Can you guess the country that hosted the World Environment Day for 2022? Yes, your guess is right it took place in Sweden.

          With an idea to bring in some awareness and to instill this thought of saving our environment in the young and fertile minds of school children, Bharathi Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School arranged for a lecture on World Environment Day. Mr. Kalyanaraman Gopalan, Senior executive in Siemens, working for the renewable energy division was requested to give a lecture.

        Mr. Kalyan gave a lecture with the aid of multimedia presentation engaging the children by covering various aspects of the environment, quoting the five elements, how we are increasingly exploiting the natural resources because of which we end up polluting the environment, and what we can do to protect the environment. 

            The presentation was engaging, and the children learned many things how a small step from each one of them could make a big difference in our day to day life protecting the environment. 


              We present here some of the photographs shown on the occasion.


                       Mr. Kalyanaraman Gopalan,                        Senior executive in Siemens


Ecosystems clean our water, purify our air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate , recycle nutrients and provide us with food